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Wordsearch for Sept 2014

The Parable of the Weeds (Matthew 13.24-30)
Ever wonder why there is both good and evil allowed in this world? Jesus told a parable that touched on this subject – it is called the Parable of the Weeds. It runs like this: consider the world as if it were a field where a Farmer has sown good seed.  But then an enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat. So when the wheat came up, so did the weeds. What to do?  Instead of destroying the weeds, and thereby risking the wheat, the Farmer tells his reapers to wait and let both wheat and weeds grow together until the harvest. At the harvest he will instruct the reapers to gather up the wheat, butto discard the weeds.  So do not despair when evil seems to thrive in this world – there is a reckoning still to come, and justice will be done.

The Answers
Heaven  Good  Seed
Sleeping Grain Weeds
Enemy   Servants Master Sow
Gather   Reap        Root  Let

Grow       Together     Harvest  Bundles
Barn   Burned

August 2014 - The Solution for the Maze Puzzle

 July 2014 - The Answers for the News from the Pews Word Search

  If you ever struggle with doubt, take heart:  so did one of the apostles, whose Feast Day is this month.  St Thomas just could NOT believe that the Jesus he had seen crucified and dead on the cross could ever come back to life.   But Thomas was an honest sceptic, because he really wanted to know the truth.  Jesus could help such a man.   And so he appeared to him and the other disciples.  Instead of scolding him, Jesus simply showed him the wounds.  Thomas’s response was immediate:  “My Lord and my God”  (John 20.26ff).  Ancient legends tell how Thomas went on to India as a missionary. There are rumours that Thomas even built a palace for a king’s daughter in India, and thus he is the patron saint of architects.  It is believed that he was martyred by a spear on 3 July, 72 AD in Mylapore, near Madras.  46 ancient churches in England were dedicated to him.

Thomas Truth Appeared Mylapore
Doubt Sceptic India Missionary
Apostle Wounds Patron Showed
Cross Lord Martyred Saint
Dead God Spear Madras

April 2014 - The WI Hall

Sadly, Ashton Hayes WI Hall is to close in the near future but, in the short term, arrangements have been made for church members to use the toilet in the Village Hall (across the road) if required.

To meet the church's need in the longer term, plans are already being formulated to install a new loo in the rear of the church. More about this and other proposed changes will be announced shortly. 

December 2012 - Consequences of Vicarage Sale 

 Due to the sale of the vicarage we are no longer able to access the Guild Room or the toilet. 
 Activities that were held in the Guild Room have, in general, moved to the WI Hall - special
 notice will be given for activities which will not be held there.

 The toilet at the WI may also be accessed during services. If required, ask one of the
 sidespersons for the WI key.

 We are seeking more permanent arrangements for the longer term but our plans are still
 at the formative stage and will require extensive consultation before anything can be done.